Missing albums and artists in the iOS music app

I subscribe to Apple’s iTunes Match service, a service that have had some birthing issues, and who keeps on having some growing pains. But I’m not sure my latest problem is caused by Match, or by the iOS music app itself.

My problem is that I no longer have any content under the Albums, Artists, Composers, or Compilations tabs on my music app, only under Songs, Genius, and Genres.

Music app with only songs
The iOS Music app with only songs, no albums or artists

Mind you, the songs still got album and artist information. So for instance, if I play one song, I can enter the album from within the song, and play the whole album as one unit.

Browsing Röyksopp's Junior from within the song listing
Browsing Röyksopp’s Junior from within the song listing

I stopped the Match subscription on my iPhone, deleted all data in the app, re-subscribed. Doing the same, and turning the phone off and on again between. But nothing.

If I access Match from my Apple TV, everything is as normal, and I can browse my albums. So most likely, it is a Music app problem.

So far, I have no idea how to fix it, and I haven’t found someone else with the same problem, but the search continues.

At least now the Podcast app isn’t longer my most annoying Apple app.


After trying various combinations of deleting data and so forth, I ended up restoring my phone. And now everything is as it should. Not the sleekest way, but it worked.

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