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Could not verify the integrity of the installer

I wanted to play Settlers 7 the other day, and decided to install it on my work Mac, hoping I could use higher graphic settings than on my own, older Mac. But I only had the game on a CD, and this Mac had no CD player. So I copied the CD onto an USB […]

Clean install Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple just released it’s new update to OS X, Mavericks. And this time the update comes with the reasonable price of free. The update pops up in the Mac App Store, and the update will download an installer that you must run to do the update. So if you know you are going to update, […]

Enabling Power off in Ubuntu 13.10 on HP EliteBook

After enabling the brightness option on my spanking new Ubuntu 13.10 installation on my HP EliteBook, I discovered I had to do some more GRUB editing. Because when I tried to shut down my computer, I discovered that the shut down option in the Ubuntu menu did nothing, and I had to shut the computer […]

Adjusting brightness in Ubuntu 13.10 on HP EliteBook

I just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 13.10, and it was very bright. Literary very bright, as I could not adjust the brightness of my screen. Not sure if it was possible in earlier versions, as i never worked with this particular PC in dimmed light before. In order to enable the brightness control […]

Removing unusable Ubuntu GRUB from OS X EFI

I’m trying to install Ubuntu 13.04 on my good, old MacBook Pro. The idea is to dual boot Ubuntu and OS X, or indeed triple boot as I already have Windows 7 in Bootcamp installed. But so far I’m failing. It is in theory pretty straight forward to install Ubuntu on a Intel Mac, and […]