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Airplay to Apple TV crashes wireless router

On Friday, my better half complained about problems with the wi-fi while I was away. She was trying to listen to an audiobook, airplaying from her iPhone through the Apple TV, but discovered that the wireless network was down. After some router restarts it came back. And today the same happened when I tried to […]

Missing albums and artists in the iOS music app

I subscribe to Apple’s iTunes Match service, a service that have had some birthing issues, and who keeps on having some growing pains. But I’m not sure my latest problem is caused by Match, or by the iOS music app itself. My problem is that I no longer have any content under the Albums, Artists, […]

Apple’s Podcast app – the app that couldn’t

Apple has announced that in the upcoming iOS 6, podcasts would get their separate app, and no longer be a part of the Music app. Which is kind of logical. And the app was actually released a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve used it, and I now have some opinions about it. So here […]

How to build a cheap guitar cable to use with iPhone

Sometime during the summer, AmpliTube, an guitar fx app was featured as the app of the week in iTunes. Combined with me being at my parents house where my old electric guitar was stored, this made me want to give myself another chance to become the rock star I surely was destined to become when […]

Virgin Support Forum, I salute you

Returning back to the UK after a summer spent in Norway, we found the apartment just as we left it. Everything worked; we had electricity, water, gas and internet. All was mighty fine, except from a small glitch: the TV. The actual TV was OK, but it greeted us with a message telling us that […]