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Updating iOS 5 with the new over-the-air update function

Today, Apple released the first iOS 5 update, updating from 5.0 to 5.0.1, fixing the battery problem. And this was the first chance to use the new over-the-air update, meaning updating the iOS without plugging it into a computer. So how does it work? Let me show you. If you don’t get a pop-up telling […]

Missing iBooks covers after iOS 5.0 update

After I updated my iPad to iOS 5.0, the covers of most of my books in iBooks went missing. Don’t know why, but I know many had the same issue. I didn’t look at it until tonight, and found the solution to be simple, but successful: Remove the books, and then add them again. Seems […]

Turn on wi-fi syncing in iTunes

To enjoy the new cable free syncing between your iOS 5 device and iTunes, you first have to turn it on. Logically. To do so, just plug in your device, go to iTunes and highlight your device in the sidebar, and click on summary (if it doesn’t go there automatically). Scroll down to the Options […]

Microsoft Outlook 2011, iCal and iCloud

Almost as expected, there would be some Outlook 2011 issues with the introduction of iCloud this week. But this time, I blame Apple as much as I normally blame Microsoft. For me, the issues was that my Outlook calendar went missing (as always). As many Outlook users, I use Sync Services to sync between Outlook […]