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How to build a cheap guitar cable to use with iPhone

Sometime during the summer, AmpliTube, an guitar fx app was featured as the app of the week in iTunes. Combined with me being at my parents house where my old electric guitar was stored, this made me want to give myself another chance to become the rock star I surely was destined to become when […]

Nearly defeated by error code 9 (or how I learned to love RecBoot)

I can’t help it, but after getting my iPhone 4, I’ve totally bent over for Steve Jobs. In my hypnotised eyes, Apple can do no wrong. I think I’m becoming, oh the horror, a fan boy. I’ve had no problems with the phone (except some SIM issues), and if it didn’t feature in every other […]

How not to create a microSIM

The new iPhone 4 uses a microSIM, instead of the more commonly used miniSIM. And in the last couple of days I’ve even missed the old SIM, that were the size of a credit card, since it is not so easily lost in a sofa. But anyway, new SIM type, what do you do if […]

How I stopped being a Vodafone-customer thanks to customer service

I think I’m a good customer. Good for companies, not necessary for myself. Meaning when someone get me as a customer, I normally stick to them regardless of poor service and high prices. I’m just to lazy to go through the process of changing supplier when something kind of work. So Vodafone can be proud […]