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Here comes the sun: Bring out the noice!

This week we had our first real taste of the forthcoming summer here in London. The temperature was a few degrees short of twenty, and a pair of shorts was donned for the first time outdoors this years. And with the sun and the birds and the scarily high amount of squirrels, came a shit […]

Waiting for the (buying) man

The apartment looks, what’s the word…tidy. For once. Preparing for the photo taking for the sales ads, and the value setting, we have filled around 20 boxes of stuff and stored them in one of our neighbours storage units. That they offered to lend us since they got our extra refrigirator. Yes, we had an […]

London, baby!

London here we come! This September we will move to London and become full-time students. Computer science for me, and biology for wifey. Didn’t know my tummy could store that many butterflies.