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Could not verify the integrity of the installer

I wanted to play Settlers 7 the other day, and decided to install it on my work Mac, hoping I could use higher graphic settings than on my own, older Mac. But I only had the game on a CD, and this Mac had no CD player. So I copied the CD onto an USB […]

I’m gonna grab me some screen

Sometimes I need to grab something that happens on my screen. May be for a blog post, a report, or just to show someone something funny. Where I used to work before, I made a lot of manuals and instructions. And in this work, TechSmith’s SnagIt! became my trusted friend. This is a screen grabber […]

Getting rid of a ghost display

Today I hooked my MacBook Pro up to an external monitor for the first time. I used it in “clam mode”, and used an external keyboard and mouse with it. No problems with that. Except when I unplugged it. Because when the monitor was unplugged, I had no dock, and no file menu on my […]

Add a spacer in the OS X dock

I like to have shortcuts to my favorite software on my OS X dock, for lazy reasons. But with too many shortcuts, it quickly becomes crowdy. So luckily for me, I discovered that you can add spacers to the dock, and create groups with icons, so it looks better. To create a spacer, you need […]