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Enabling Power off in Ubuntu 13.10 on HP EliteBook

After enabling the brightness option on my spanking new Ubuntu 13.10 installation on my HP EliteBook, I discovered I had to do some more GRUB editing. Because when I tried to shut down my computer, I discovered that the shut down option in the Ubuntu menu did nothing, and I had to shut the computer […]

Adjusting brightness in Ubuntu 13.10 on HP EliteBook

I just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 13.10, and it was very bright. Literary very bright, as I could not adjust the brightness of my screen. Not sure if it was possible in earlier versions, as i never worked with this particular PC in dimmed light before. In order to enable the brightness control […]

Removing unusable Ubuntu GRUB from OS X EFI

I’m trying to install Ubuntu 13.04 on my good, old MacBook Pro. The idea is to dual boot Ubuntu and OS X, or indeed triple boot as I already have Windows 7 in Bootcamp installed. But so far I’m failing. It is in theory pretty straight forward to install Ubuntu on a Intel Mac, and […]

Run Windows and Ubuntu on a Mac

Now this is the story all about how My Mac got flipped, turned upside down… OK, not really. But this is how I installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu alongside OS X on my MacBook. After a serious case of not succeeding. For the record, this is the specifications I worked with: Windows 7, Ubuntu 11.10 […]

Ubuntu? Not so much…

OK, I may have been a tad overentusiastic when I wrote something in the area of Ubuntu beeing the greatest thing ever happening to my computer life. I very much love the whole free and easy thing they have going. I do not, however, recomend installing it on a computer with too little RAM. Like […]