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Twitter Widget Pro and Jetpack Twitter widget can’t live together

I installed Jetpack for WordPress on my blog today, mainly because of the stats module, but also because I was considering changing the twitter widget I use. I have used Twitter Widget Pro for a while, and the reason for the possible change was mainly that the output was a bit clogged, since it outputted […]

Breadcrumbs on archive pages in WordPress

When I was editing a WordPress archive page the other day, I decided that I wanted to list the categories and sub categories together with the archive result (the title with link), but without the links to the specific category pages. Some of the links on the archive page would have just one category, and […]

Disappearing page templates thanks to bad taxonomy naming

On one of my other sites, I’ve recently transferred all the old, static content into a WordPress installation, so that I can WordPress as a CMS. The content is divided into five main categories, and for each category I’ve created a custom page template. The main menu links to the category pages, making them “category […]

Displaying custom WordPress taxonomy terms with or without links

WordPress lets you create custom taxonomy terms, a feature that makes WordPress a very good CMS. If you want to display these terms (on a specific post), there are more than one way to do this. If you want to list the terms associated with a specific post with a link to a term archive, […]

How to display wordpress posts on another page

On my Bond page, I have installed WordPress as a blogging tool in the folder nullnullsju.net/blogg. But I wanted to display the last blogposts on the main frontpage. So how to display WordPress post outside the main blog folder? To display the post on other pages, you need to first load WordPress’ wp-load.php file into […]