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I’m a Pac!

Published 2010-1-20

Are you a PC, or are you a Mac? It’s an annoying marketing idea that has gotten way out of hand. Are you defined by the computer you use? Apparently. So what am I? I’m actually neither. I got them both. So I’m a pac.

I’ve historically always been a PC person. From my first desktop bought back in 1998 (aboutish…), through a couple more desktops, trough quite a few laptops, up until I actually built/bought a desktop this fall. And a mighty nice one as well. i7 processor, ddr3-ram and some sweet speakers. But I need a laptop as well (for my important laptop related work (surfing while sitting in the couch)). And my trusted HP was beginning to show signs of wanting to travel to my laptops secret graveyard. So I needed a new one. And when I say “needed”, I mean “not so much need as want”. So the chase was on. I was marshal Gerard looking for doctor Kimble.

And back in my head there was this little voice talking to me: how about a mac? A mac, I replied, bewildered. But why? Because, the voice continued, they look so shiny. And the voice was right. And a seed was planted. Should I buy a mac based on looks alone? Should I let me lure by Steve Jobs so easily? Let’s face it. Based on the title of this story, you know I did. But I did check the specs (just so I could say that I had) and it is a much better machine than my old.

And how is the mac treating me? Just lovely. We are still on our honeymoon, three months into our marriage. In case you are wondering, it’s a MacBook Pro 17″. I runs smoothly and I’ve learned to use both the cmd button and the track pad. The only downside is that it is made from aluminium, and that aluminium is freaking cold.

And I look pretty damn cool when I use it. And I’ve installed Windows 7 on it as well. I felt a bit dirty when I did just that. Please forgive me, Steve, I said between gritted teeth.

But the “problem” is that I still enjoy and see way to many advantages of a PC than to give it up. So even if I can sound like that in some heated mac-loving moments, I’m still a half breed. And I’m happy as a bastard. I get the best from both worlds. Just like I got from my parents. My dad’s baldness and my mother’s short sightedness.

I’m a pac, and I’m proud of it.