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Nearly defeated by error code 9 (or how I learned to love RecBoot)

Published 2010-7-22 (Modified 2010-7-22)

I can’t help it, but after getting my iPhone 4, I’ve totally bent over for Steve Jobs. In my hypnotised eyes, Apple can do no wrong. I think I’m becoming, oh the horror, a fan boy. I’ve had no problems with the phone (except some SIM issues), and if it didn’t feature in every other headline, I would never have known there was an antenna issue.

But fear struck me yesterday. Fear that me and my little buddy (the phone…) had to go our separate roads. Why? Because of error code 9!


I hadn’t been syncing since the launch of the OS update that would “solve” the antenna problem, so I figured it was about time. And hit the “Install” button after connecting with iTunes. And was told it would spend two hours downloading the update. I blamed my mothers broadband, kissed the little bugger good bye for a while and went away. When returning with longing in my steps, I found a message telling me that iTunes had found a iPhone in restore mode, and that I needed to restore it. I pushed “Restore”, waited and watched it crash.


For after going through step after step both on my Mac, and on the phone, it started halting on the updating firmware stage.


Before giving me the chilling message: The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (9).

Okay, shit happens I thought, and tried again, and again, and was panicking, checking every forum for clues. I restarted, tried all the USB ports, tried it with another computer, nothing helped. And the gist of the forums was that you just had to keep on trucking, and maybe I would get lucky. And the description of the error message at Apple was the not so helpful, telling me that something had happened with the connection.


The future was bleak. Did I need to hand it in? To Apple in UK. And I was in Norway. What to do, what to do? But then, as an oasis to a desert wanderer, I found a comment about RecBoot! RecBoot lets you set your iPhone or other devices in and out of recovery mode. And I needed to get mine out of it. I downloaded it, launched the “RecBoot Exit Only” utility, watched the iPhone screen go blank, and unplugged it. And hey presto! The iPhone restarted like nothing had happened! Or almost nothing. Then it loaded the backup on iTunes. And my phone was alive, once more.

So RecBoot is the software you need if your iPhone goes tits up. Which of course never happens. In fact, I think I’ve dreamt the whole thing. Nothing wrong with my phone. All hail Steve Jobs!